Writing about Social Media

The most difficult part of writing this paper was narrowing down a topic. There are so many topic choices out there in the world of media and many things that I am interested in.  I decided to write about how social media effects television and branding because I love television and I have noticed a major change in TV since the rise of social media. Many TV shows use social media in order to have a more interactive relationship with the viewers.

This video explains the use of social media within television very well:

This quote clearly explains the overlapping of social media and television. Many TV viewers are simultaneously using social media and majority of the time are posting on social media about the show they are watching.


After deciding on this topic, I began doing research and I found many examples of television shows that use social media to interact with the viewers in many different ways. Some shows simply ask their viewers to vote in polls, while others use social media to get feedback from their viewers. Most talk shows are now going to social media for their interview questions, because they are able to connect with the fans and answer the questions that their viewers have.

This video is an example of Andy Cohen on his show, Watch What Happens Live, interviewing Oprah. Many of the questions he asks her come from fans on social media sites:

While writing my paper I found an abundance of examples of shows doing this same thing. It seems to me that television and social media will continue to engage consumers. TV shows are trying to keep their multitasking viewers engaged by appear on all devices at all times.Viewers are now able to share their opinions and actually be heard.

Overall, I enjoyed writing this paper. It was interesting to learn about all the new ways TV is using social media to engage their viewers and that success that it has brought different shows.

Social Media: Taking Over

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate with one another.  It has not only made communication instantaneous, but we are now able to illustrate our lives with photographs, videos, and even share content that others have created.  Some feel that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have created a world of isolation without face-to-face conversations. However, I feel that if we use social media as a tool instead of being consumed by it, we will be able to efficiently communicate and move forward in our personal and professional lives at a faster pace.


It is important for businesses, companies, and brands to use social media properly in order to attract customers. They must be constantly aware of their branding and how they present themselves. Once something is posted on the Internet, it is instantly screen shot and it never goes away. Twitter and Facebook both offer tools for businesses to learn how to properly use social media in order to grow their brands.  Target’s Twitter page is a great example of a brand using social media in a proactive way to connect with their publics  and grow their brand.


Writing about Teen Mom


Writing the Criticism Critique paper was a rather quick process for me. I chose the topic of Teen Mom because I have seen the show many times. I also know that it is a controversial show and that many people were upset about the show glorifying the lives of teen moms. However, the show has actually lowered the teen pregnancy rates throughout the country since it first aired. This is a surprising fact to many. People often assume that when young girls see the teenage mothers being featured on television that they will want to be just like them. Luckily, the show had a positive impact and made girls realize that teen pregnancy is not a glamours experience.

After choosing the topic, I first explained the basic set-up and story line of the show. Then, I did some research on what others thought about the TV show. I found an article explaining the research that proved the show had reduced teen pregnancy rates. This gave me the start to my paper. I explained the negative reviews the show first had by many people and then used this article to present the positive outcomes from the show being aired. My next paragraph explained that she show also displays a great amount of violence. The fights often being filled with vulgar language and usually ending in someone dramatically running out of the house. This is a classic scene in many reality shows and adds to the drama that keeps viewers captivated. If you’re into reality shows, this one is defiantly entertaining. It contains complex relationships with overly dramatic emotions and an abundance of fights, tears, and eventually love.





Reality Show Violence

Reality TV shows commonly make simple situation seem much more dramatic than they actually need to be. This trend often leads to the character fighting, but how much of the fight is real and how much of it is scripted? MTV’s Teen Mom is a reality show that clearly demonstrates the down sides to not only having a child at a young age, but also trying to maintain a mature adult relationship with the other parent while still being a teenager.

The video below show a vicious fight between Amber and her ex-boyfriend and child’s father, Gary. The fight escalates and Amber ends up slapping Gary across the face. This ends her up in court and being ordered to take angry management classes. Amber also loses some of her custody rights over their daughter.



Violence is a common theme in many reality shows. But are these shows taking things too far? At times it may be good to shed light on some of these horrifying realities. In Amber’s case, she ended up getting the help she needed and is now able to have healthy relationships. The video below is presented by ABC News and explores the topic of reality show fights.

Should violence in reality television be encouraged or when things get out of hand, should producers step in and put an end to the madness?